So It Goes

So It Goes

2020, Nov 15    

I am a Cloud Solution Architect at Microsoft. In that role I help customers be successful in their use of Microsoft Azure. The technologies I am mainly focused on are the core infrastructure services: Compute, Storage and Networking.

I am going to use the So It Goes blog to post about Azure, Quantum Computing and Azure Sphere. I am more interested in why things should be done rather than how to do them. Microsoft has great Azure documention but I intend to post additional commentary on some less-known features.

I have been using Azure since it was first released in 2008 so have seen many changes over the years. From 2008 through 2014 I did some Azure blogging at Convective, although almost all of these posts are now out of date. I later participated in a team blog with some of my Microsoft peers, but that blog has now been deleted.

There is not much to the title So It Goes. The last line of the Samuel Beckett story, Echo’s Bones, is So it goes in the world. And the chorus of the Nick Lowe song, So It goes, states But where it’s goin’ no one knows and that’s pretty much where we are.

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